Swan Valley Gin Co – Of all the Gin Joints

Gin is a pretty cool kid at the moment, with a many people gaining a new appreciation for the spirit, myself included! Gin & Tonic is so refreshing on a hot day. The Swan Valley Gin Co has recently launched, just in time for the hot Perth summer.

The Swan Valley Gin Co has paired up with Pandemonium Estate to utilise locally grown Swan Valley grapes to create their gin.  We’re fans of Pandemonium Estate, with their great wines and fabulous events. From what started as an interest has now grown into a business, with 3 gins available at the launch – Artisian, Strawberry, & Spicy Cumquat.

A fantastic bar (or Gintoneria) has been built in the Pandemonium Estate cellar door, complete with a TV showing various botanicals. There’s also a descriptive list of what botanicals are included in each gin, a great way to test yourself or your friends on their tasting palate!

We had a behind the scenes visit to see where the magic happens.  The still is impressive, and the process of making gin is equally impressive.  Juniper berries are what makes gin, gin, but other than that its up to the creater.  The area looks like a scientist and chef creation, with ingredients labeled & glass containers holding various liquids.  It sounded like there was some interesting experiments and taste tests leading up to the launch.


Artisian Dry gin

A great all rounder, with notes of mandarin, coriander & ginger.  The gin and tonic was served with mandarin & peel to bring out the flavours.  Highly refreshing!


Spicy Cumquat Gin

The Spicy Cumquat had a seriously impressive colour, almost florescent yellow!  It had notes of clove, star anise, aniseed, and of course, cumquat.  The G&T was mixed with a stick of rosemary, adding another level of flavour.


Strawberry Gin

My pick of the night was the Strawberry gin.  The colour was beautiful, a blush pink, which comes from strawberries & hibiscus flower.  There were notes of not only strawberries, but also rose hip & jasmine.  This was a pretty drink with a pretty taste.

Congratulations to Swan Valley Gin Co on their successful launch, and pop in soon to try some gin, along with Pandemonium Estate wines


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