Netflix & Chill-ed Wine

I love Netflix.  Its especially great now that the weather is turning cold, wet & miserable. So many great shows, so many awful shows that are somehow addicting, new movies, old movies, stupid movies, documentaries, shows to entertain the kids, shows to entertain adults.  There’s even a few hours of a fire burning (just in case you want to pretend you have a fireplace).

Netflix also suggests shows/movies that we might like based on what we’ve already watched. My suggestions tend to involve Disney, horses or cheesy sitcoms (Fuller House or Jane the Virgin anyone?) but also anything wine related. It makes it very easy for me to watch any newly added wine related documentaries.

I’ve suggested a wine match for each recommendation.  We all love wine pairings!

On Netflix, that I’ve seen:

Somm – These guys are amazing.  Seriously amazing.  You think you’re good at wine tasting?  Most likely you’re nothing compared to these guys.  All studying for their Master Sommelier exam, one of the hardest exams to pass in the world.  And yes, by studying I mean wine tasting.
Wine Match – Anything you want, you’ll be practicing your wine tasting skills on it!

Somm: Into the Bottle – This is my favourite out of all the options in this list.  Made by the same guys who made Somm, but follows the wine making process, & everything involved, over 10 stories in different countries around the world.  It includes very frank and honest interviews by sommeliers, winemakers & other industry professionals, along with beautiful shots of vineyards & wineries.  I feel that this documentary can be well enjoyed  by people just starting their interest in wine, all the way to those who live & breathe wine.
Wine Match – Old world, new world, red, white, sparkling… any wine (as long as its good)

Decanted – Not my favourite one on the list, but still somewhat interesting.  Based on the Napa Valley wine region, Decanted follows the journey of Mike Martin as he looks to buy a winery, and the involvement of setting it up, along with history & interviews of people involved in the rise of popularity of the famed Napa Valley.  Beautiful shots, and took us back to our time in the Napa.
Wine Match – Something from Napa Valley, take your pick

Sour Grapes – The rare & fine wine market is lucrative, and the prices can be exuberant.  This fascinating documentary follows the story of Rudy Kurniawan from Indonesia, who bought a large amount of fine wine (spending up to $1 million per month) and made friends with the ‘in-crowd’ in California with his incredible wine knowledge.  He then got into the business of counterfeit wine, using cheap wine to replace expensive French wines, and sold it, to the approx value of $20-30 million.  Only arrested in 2012, there is estimated to be approximately 10,000 counterfeit bottles of wine in private cellars over the world.  Very interesting documentary, and also worth watching just for the shear amount of money and luxury surrounding the people involved (Bill Koch’s wine cellar… wow!!)
Wine Match – If you can afford it, something French & expensive (perhaps Domaine de la Romanée-Conti?  Check its not fake!)

A Year in Champagne – As the title states, this documentary follows the process in creating Champagne, along with some history of the region and interviews with a handful of Champagne houses.  Its narrated in English, but all interviews are in French (with subtitles) so you need to be watching (and reading) to get the full story.  We both found it a bit slow, but still interesting, probably more so since we were in Champagne last harvest so it reminded me of our travels.
Wine Match – Champagne.  Always.

How Booze Built America – Narrated by Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs), this 3 episode documentary describes the history of beer in America.  We’ve only watched one episode, but its one for the beer lovers!
Wine Match – This is the time to crack a beer.

Chef’s Table – Not exactly wine related, but definitely a great show, and food related, A Chefs Table visits some of the best restaurants & chefs in the world, and explores the story around their history & how they came to be.  Filled with a whole heap of food porn, and makes you want to travel the world on a trip based on food and wine (oh wait, that’s what we did…)
Wine Match – Something international.  European, North American, South American

A few that I haven’t yet seen, and are on my ‘to watch’ list:

Under the Tuscan Sun – A romance/comedy about a writer who buys a villa in Tuscany.  Quite often recommended by other wine movie lists (one day I’ll get around to watching it!)
Wine Match – Chianti 

Drinking Buddies – Another rom-com, based in a bar.  Beer seems to be the key to influencing decisions!
Wine Match – Whatever you would order at a bar

Chug – A documentary series visiting places around the world and investigating their drinking customs.  The shows host, Zane Lamprey, has also hosted three other similar wine/food/travel series, ‘Drinking Made Easy’, ‘Have Fork, Will Travel’, and the highly rated ‘Three Sheets’, however none of these are currently on Netflix Australia.
Wine Match – International choice again.  Try match the alcohol with the country.

Crafting a Nation – Not wine, but beer again.  This documentary investigates the growing craft beer scene in USA, and interviews those involved.
Wine Match – More beer!

Lastly, a couple that aren’t on Netflix, but I’ve still enjoyed watching:

Bottle Shock – A movie based on the famous Paris wine tasting of 1976, also know as the ‘Judgement of Paris’, where selected Chardonnays & Cabernet Sauvignons from California were blind tasted with French white Burgundy & red Bordeaux wines.  Focused mainly on Chateau Montelena, who produced the winning Chardonnay in the blind tasting (yes, because of this we did do a wine tasting at Chateau Montelena in the Napa Valley, and yes, it was awesome).
Wine Match – Napa Chardonnay.  French Chardonnay.  Your choice!

Blood into Wine – Rock music & wine.  Sure, why not?  Maynard James Keenan, from the band Tool, seems pretty passionate about his wine, and along with his business partner Eric Glomski, they make wine in Arizona at Maynard’s winery, Caduceus.  Actually a pretty interesting documentary.
Wine Match – A bottle from Caduceus.  My pick is the le Corigiane, a Barbera & Merlot blend

Sideways – A movie adaption of a novel with the same name, two guys go on a road trip in California wine country before one of them gets married.  Sideways showed the power movies can have on peoples opinions, with the lead Miles (played by Paul Giamatti) expressing his displeasure for Merlot, and appreciation for Pinot Noir.  After the movie release, sales of Pinot Noir went up approx. 16%, where as Merlot sales went down approx. 2%
Wine Match – Pinot Noir.  Or Merlot if you’re feeling rebellious.

Personally I think wine matches with anything on Netflix, but its cool learning at the same time.  Watching Netflix does lend itself to one of my all time wine food matches… Chardonnay & Buttery Popcorn.  A match made in heaven, and perfect for any night in.  Cheers!

Whats your ideal wine & movie match?

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