For all the frequently asked questions, please see below.


  1. What is Wine ? – Wine a is a delicious liquid substance that is made by the “wine gods”
  2. What is a “Wine God”? – A Wine God is a person put on this planet for the sole purpose of making delicious liquid substances from the fruit commonly known as “Grapes”
  3. What are grapes? – Grapes are a divine fruit, grown along gnarly entangled vines
  4. Why is “Hungry Husband” called so? – He’s hungry
  5. Why is “Wine-ing Wife” called so? – Because she wines a lot
  6. How do you know what you know? – We eat & drink a lot (Practice, Practice Practice!)
  7. What is your favourite drink? – We don’t like to discriminate, if its good, we like it
  8. Why are you guys so awesome? – We are Mr and Mrs Awesome
  9. How do we contact you? – Email us at hungry4wine@gmail.com

Anything else?